Fostec | fibre optics_field connector
  • Patch panels
  • Distribution frames
  • Maintenance or emergency restoration of fiber networks,
    FTTH Outlets
  • Connection at the desk for LAN environments
Features & Benefits
  • Factory-installed fiber stub
  • No epoxy & no polishing required
  • Allows up to three re-termination
  • Quick and easy fiber termination in the field
  • Eliminates cable excess length and pigtail splice storage
  • Cost effective

Product Comparison

  • Fostec | fibre optics_field connector
  • Use Splicing With Pigtail
  • Fostec | fibre optics_field connector
  • Use FOSTEC Field Connector

Ordering Information

  • OFFC
Fiber Field
Fiber Type
  • G.652
  • OM1
  • OM2
  • OM3,
Connector Type
  • SC
  • FC
  • LC
  • ST
Polishing Type
  • PC
  • APC
Cable Diameter
  • ø0.25
  • ø0.9
  • ø3.0
  • ø2*3

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