Military Optical Fiber Cable Rewinder

  • Optical Fiber Cable Rewinder)
  • Optical Fiber Cable Rewinder)
  • MOFC-R

Application area

  • Rewind or withdraw of cable in the field
  • Essential equipment to quickly rewind to a circle when using cables


Product Name Height Depth Width Weight Materia
Military field cable reel winder 700mm Max 750mm m Max 550mm < 15kg steel
Length Unused Used
Time Required Person Time Required Person
100m 30 minutes 2 2 minutes 1
200m 60 minutes > 4 minutes
300m 90 minutes > 7 minutes
  • MOFC-R-C
  • MOFC-R-C


  • Reels that are capable of tactical movement vehicle mounted/ fixed for fast repeat operation
  • Powerful braking force with a specially designed brake device
  • Color: Military color (Olive Green)
  • Product Specifications
    • height : 450mm
    • width : 195mm
    • length : 315mm
  • MOFC-B-C


  • Reels capable of tactical movement and emergency cable winding operation
  • Light weight detachable reel from backpack
  • Color: Military color (Olive Green)
  • Reel Specifications
    • width and length : Min 400mm
    • weight : 7kg
  • Backpack Specifications
    • width : Min 400mm
    • length : Min 800mm
    • weight : 7kg
  • ST8200-B
  • ST8200-B


  • Reels that are easy for tactical movement
  • Minimize fatigue by reducing weight using ergonomic back rest and aluminum material
  • Color: Military color (Olive Green)
  • Product Specifications (excluding cables)
    • weight : 6kg
  • AV-R


  • Reels that can be operated tactically
  • Powerful braking force with a specially designed brake device
  • Color: Black, Military color (Olive Green)
MODEL Dimensions (WxDxH)mm Standard Winding length table Driving Method
Outside Diameter Ø21 Outside Diameter Ø16 Outside Diameter Ø10 Outside Diameter Ø8
AV45-R 390 x 510 x 510 50m 100m 250m 440m Manual
AV38-R 330 x 425 x 425 30m 50m 150m 220m Manual
AV30-R 330 x 350 x 350 20m 30m 80m 120m Manual