• expanded_beam_measurement


The FOBEX-M ruggedized optical test set is designed for testing of optical networks terminated with 38999 military connectors operating in harsh environment. It combines both light source and optical power meter in one common box. The test set is designed to meet the tactical military, and broadcast industry demand. The ruggedized aluminium case makes the unit ideal for field operation.

Application area

  • 38999 (83526) type Expanded Beam connector testing
  • Optical network measurement Fiber continuity testing


  • Expanded Beam and ferrule technology harsh environmental connectors
  • Ruggedized aluminium case
  • Multimode (MM) or singlemode (SM) applications
  • Simultaneous testing of all 2/4 fibers
  • Displayed units: dBm, dB
  • High dynamic range
  • Built-in charger, battery status indicator


Dimensions (120mm W) x (230mm H) x (70mm D)
Weight 2.8 lb./1.3 kg.
Laser Source
Output Power
LD 1310, 1550nm or 850, 1300nm
- 8dBm
± 0.05dB
Optical Power meter
Optical Insertion Loss meter
Dynamic Range

+5dBm ~ - 50dBm
± 0.5dB @ - 23dBm
Power Source DC 5V, Micro USB Port
Working Time Continuous Working Time > 20hrs
Charging Time 14hrs