Application area

  • Telecommunication networks
  • Local Area Networks
  • Data system networks
  • CATV networks


  • Reliable moisture-tight housing with hot-melt type sealing
  • Ribbed body structure protects against impact and compression
  • Efficient fiber management by splice tray holding structure
  • Ease of use for closure assembly
  • Easy clamping of tension member and grounding
  • Easy installation without bolt
  • Aerial and underground use


Size (L x W x H) (mm) 435 x 205 x 113
Weight(kg) 2.8kg
Inlet Port 4
Cable Dia. (mm) Ø3 ~ Ø20
No. of Splice Tray 4
Tray Capacity 24C (Max. 48C)
Splice Method Fusion, Mechanical, Connector
Tention Member Galvanized steel wire, FRP
Operating Temperature(℃) -10 ~ +60

Test Certification

Parameter Test Condition Requirement
Water resistance Put the closure into a 20ft
depth- water tank for 7days
No evidence of water intrusion.
Compliance with IP68 in accordance with Telcordia International standard
Temperature and Humidity Temp. cycle -40~65°C, RH 95%
120Cycle (1cycle is 6 hours)
No mechanical impairment
UV Resistance Prepare 10 test bar
Expose UV lamp: 8 hours 65°C
No reduction tensile strength Greater than 20%
Chemical resistanc Inner pressure: 6PSI
solution : pH2 HCL, NaOH, 10% IGEPAL
Submerge for 120hours into the solution.
No mechanical corrosion